Why did you decide to freeze your eggs?

I decided to freeze my eggs because I never wanted to be told I missed my opportunity to have biological children. Having children of my own is very important to me and since I was getting older, this was the best way to preserve my fertility.

How did freezing your eggs affect your day-to- day life?

Freezing my eggs did not impact my day-to-day life too much. You do need to take time out of your day to go into the fertility clinic for blood and ultrasound, but I typically made my appointments early in the morning so I could still be to work on time. I had to do shots twice per day so being home at certain times to administer the shots was a little inconvenient, but very manageable. I also struggled with not being able to exercise during the process. Exercising is my outlet so I was nervous when I heard I was not able to exercise. To cope with this, I walked a lot around the city and did acupuncture to relax.

Did anything hurt? What does it feel like?

For me the shots did not hurt at all. Towards the end of the cycle my stomach did get a little sore with all of the shots I had done, but nothing too bad. The shots feel like a tiny prick and one of the medicines, Menopur, does sting just a bit. The trigger shot is a larger needle but if administered correctly, it will not hurt. Don’t be scared of that big needle!

How old were you when you decided to freeze your eggs?

I froze my eggs when I was 36 years old.

Did insurance cover anything?

I was lucky and my insurance covered everything except my co-pays and the actually freezing of the eggs.

How many eggs did you retrieve?

I ended up having to do three cycles and was able to retrieve 30 eggs and have 25 frozen.

Did you date during the process?

I was in a relationship during the process and shared everything with my boyfriend who even helped me administer some of the shots. My boyfriend was very supportive of me freezing my eggs.

When would you share this with them?

Since I was in a long-term relationship at the time, I discussed my egg freezing with my boyfriend before I started the process. He even participated in the fertility awareness testing and had his sperm checked.

How has this changed your outlook moving forward?

After I completed the process, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted. I no longer have panic attacks about getting older and the possibility of not being able to have biological children. I know that I can move on with my life and not be in a rush to have children since I have my frozen eggs. I can take my time to pursue my career, travel and enjoy time with family and friends.

Why did you choose Fertility Centers of Illinois?

I chose Fertility Centers of Illinois because their doctors seemed to have the most information on egg freezing. I also had not heard of other fertility clinics that were doing egg freezing, so FCI appeared to be the leader. I also cannot say enough good things about my nurse Nancy. Without Nancy, I would not have gotten through this process in such good spirits.

What words of advice do you have?

If you are already considering freezing your eggs, pull the trigger. You will not regret it.