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    At Fertility Centers of Illinois, we are dedicated to providing you with all of the emotional support and education about infertility to help you along your journey. Events and classes including yoga, acupuncture, infertility basics, coping with loss, how to lessen PCOS symptoms, and more are open to the community. You do not need to be our patient to attend and they are all entirely free unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions, or you would like to hear other topics related to your journey, please contact us at (877) 324-4483. We’d love to hear from you!

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    Together We Begin Again: Pregnancy Loss Support Group

    • Saturday Apr 06, 2019 | 10-11am | Register >
    • Saturday May 04, 2019 | 10-11am | Register >
    • Saturday Jun 01, 2019 | 10-11am | Register >
      • Fertility Centers of Illinois

        Susan Rizzato, MSW, LCSW hosts a support group for individuals and couples that have experienced miscarriage and/or perinatal loss. This is a safe space to listen to others in similar situations and share methods for coping.

    No Partner Needed: Support Group for Single Women

    • Monday Mar 11, 2019 | 6-7pm | Register >
    • Monday Apr 08, 2019 | 6-7pm | Register >
    • Monday May 06, 2019 | 6-7pm | Register >
    • Monday Jun 03, 2019 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Fertility Centers of Illinois

        Join our support group for single women trying to conceive without a partner. Share your experiences, hear from your peers, and ask questions with Susan Rizzato MSW, LCSW.

    Single Parenthood: Considerations and Resources - Webinar

    • Monday Mar 11, 2019 | 7-7:45pm | Register >
      • Fertility Centers of Illinois

        Dr. Tiffany Edwards provides support and information to those considering single parenthood, including data concerning the emotional and psychological outcomes of children raised in single-parent households.

    Journaling for the Journey

    • Thursday Apr 11, 2019 | 7-8pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Learn how to journal your journey to relieve stress, aid clarity, and bring out peace of mind. Christine Simokaitis hosts a class with writing prompts, calming tea and a supportive environment.

    Managing PCOS with Acupuncture and Clinical Nutrition - Webinar

    • Monday Apr 15, 2019 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Aligned Modern Health

        Aligned Modern Health discusses how to manage PCOS with acupuncture and clinical nutrition to reduce complications and increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

    Chiropractic Care & Fertility

    • Wednesday Apr 17, 2019 | 11am-12pm | Register >
      • Ko Be Care

        Ko Be Care hosts a webinar about the importance of chiropractic care for a healthy spine and nervous system which can lead to better fertility outcomes.

    Reducing Fertility Stress One Breath at a Time

    • Monday Apr 22, 2019 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Discover why controlling your breathing is important to overall health, fertility, and mental clarity with Pulling Down the Moon.

    Nutritional Guidelines & Yoga Support for Fertility

    • Sunday May 05, 2019 | 10-11:15am | Register >
      • Ko Be Care & Dr. Allison K. Rodgers

        This workshop includes guided meditation to emphasize breathing, relaxation and opening up the muscles around the hip and pelvic areas to improve blood flow. Q & A with Dr. Allison K. Rodgers and Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron to follow.

    Celebrating Mother's Day When Mother's Day is Hard

    • Sunday May 12, 2019 | 10-11:30am | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Mother's day is hard for those experiencing infertility. This patient education support workshop with Pulling Down the Moon invites healing, strength, and community. Bring your yoga mat (open for all levels) for ART-safe yoga poses.

    How Long Does it Take to Get Pregnant?

    • Monday May 13, 2019 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Pulling Down the Moon discusses the pregnancy cycle and gives suggestions in this webinar on what we can do to improve our odds of getting pregnant.

    Hope & Healing: Simple, Practical Techniques for Coping with Disappointment and Loss

    • Monday Jun 03, 2019 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Pulling Down the Moon Co-Founder Beth Heller presents a step by step path for using simple, holistic strategies to recover from a fertility-related loss like miscarriage, a failed cycle, or challenging diagnosis.

    Fertility Fitness and Nutrition "Make-Over" - Webinar

    • Tuesday Mar 12, 2019 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Pulling Down the Moon co-founder Beth Heller and Registered Dietitian Elizabeth DeAvilla provide easy, high-impact strategies to relieve anxiety with yoga, tone up with fertility-friendly fitness, and eliminate inflammation.

    Monthly Infertility Support Group

    • Saturday Mar 16, 2019 | 10-11am | Register >
      • Fertility Centers of Illinois

        Susan Rizzato MSW, LCSW leads our monthly infertility support group that offers understanding and provides an informative place to discuss experiences with others going through the same or similar issues.

    Cocktails and Cryo

    • Thursday Mar 14, 2019 | 6-9pm | Register >
    • Wednesday Mar 20, 2019 | 6-9pm | Register >
      • Dr. Hirshfeld-Cytron, Dr. Ahmad, and Dr. Uhler

        Join our egg freezing seminar and Q&A. Learn about your options for delaying parenthood until the time is right for you.

    So...I Need a Gestational Carrier: What's Next? - Webinar

    • Wednesday Mar 20, 2019 | 10-10:30am | Register >
      • Fertility Centers of Illinois

        Get an understanding of the surrogate selection guidelines, treatment outline, and steps to prepare for treatment in this informative webinar with Caroline Cianfrocco, RN, BSN.

    Egg Donation: Parenthood Starts Here - Webinar

    • Thursday Mar 21, 2019 | 5:30-5:45pm | Register >
      • Fertility Centers of Illinois

        Get an overview of the egg donor program options, steps to prepare for your treatments, and realistic treatment expectations with Stephanie Arnswald, NP.