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    At Fertility Centers of Illinois, we are dedicated to providing you with all of the support you need; from renowned fertility experts and knowledgeable financial specialists to on-staff behavioral health specialists and alternative health care professionals. You have an entire team committed to your physical and emotional well-being along your path to parenthood. Our Fertility Empowerment Series seminars, workshops, and webinars are open to the community. You do not need to be our patient to attend and they are all entirely free unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions, or you would like to hear other topics related to your journey, please contact us at (877) 324-4483. We’d love to hear from you!

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    Monthly Infertility Support Group

    • Saturday October 13 | 10-11am | Register >
    • Saturday November 17 | 10-11am | Register >
    • Saturday December 15 | 10-11am | Register >
      • Suzan Rizzato, LCSW | Fertility Centers of Illinois

        Our monthly infertility support group offers understanding and provides an informative place for you to discuss your experiences with others going through the same or similar issues.

    No Partner Needed: Support Group for Single Women

    • Monday October 8 | 6-7pm | Register >
    • Monday November 5 | 6-7pm | Register >
    • Monday December 3 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Susan Rizzato MSW, LCSW | Fertility Centers of Illinois

        Join our support group for single women trying to conceive without a partner. Share your experiences, hear from your peers, and ask questions.

    Lifestyle Hacks for PCOS - Webinar

    • Tuesday September 18 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Discover foods, nutrients, supplements, and lifestyle choices to help manage PCOS.

    Run for Life 5K

    • Sunday September 23 | Register >
      • Kevin J. Lederer Life Foundation

        Run for Life will be held Sunday September 23, 2018 at Blue Star Memorial Woods in Glenview, IL. There will be a 5K chip timed race, a 1 mile family walk and a 100 meter toddler dash and family friendly activities.

    Holistic Approach to Hormone Regulation & Fertility - Webinar

    • Monday October 1 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Aligned Modern Health

        Hormones influence many of the most important bodily processes, including the ability to conceive. In this webinar learn how clinical nutrition and acupuncture can help regulate hormone imbalances that could be affecting your ability to conceive.

    Yoga for a Balanced Endocrine System - Class

    • Saturday October 6 | 9:30-10:45am | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Learn about our unique endocrine system and how it impacts fertility while balancing your chakras with fertility-friendly yoga at Pulling Down the Moon's Chicago office.

    Making Love and Babies - Webinar

    • Tuesday October 9 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Join sex therapist, Dr. Shameless (Laura Deitsch), for a fun reminder that sex doesn't have to be (re)productive, it can just be fun. We'll chat about renewing that spark and provide fanciful reminders of what you found sexy about each other in the first place.

    Fertility Enhancing Massage - Webinar

    • Tuesday October 16 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Learn about specific techniques used to enhance the health and functioning of the pelvic and abdominal organs that promotes mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

    Girlfriend's Guide to a Cancelled Cycle - Webinar

    • Monday November 5 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Dealing with the disappointment of a cancelled or failed cycle can be overwhelming. Pulling Down the Moon provides the best advice on getting through; Q&A follow-up.

    Gut Health and Fertility: Nutritional Support for Conception - Webinar

    • Monday November 5 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Aligned Modern Health

        Gastrointestinal health is important for all couples trying to conceive. In this webinar learn about nutritional support and the functional medicine approach towards optimal fertility.

    BMI for Fertility: Achieving & Maintaining a Healthy Weight - Webinar

    • Monday December 3 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Aligned Modern Health

        Bodyweight can affect fertility by causing hormonal imbalances and can create a barrier to optimal fertility. In this webinar learn how the personalized approach to functional medicine and clinical nutrition can help you achieve a healthy BMI.

    Holistic Hacks for Healthy Holidays - Webinar

    • Monday December 10 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        We will be discussing holiday stress reduction, exploring nutritional strategies for optimal fertility in the New Year, tactics for coping with social situations, and even set resolutions together for 2019.