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    At Fertility Centers of Illinois, we are dedicated to providing you with all of the support you need; from renowned fertility experts and knowledgeable financial specialists to on-staff behavioral health specialists and alternative health care professionals. You have an entire team committed to your physical and emotional well-being along your path to parenthood. Our Fertility Empowerment Series seminars, workshops, and webinars are open to the community. You do not need to be our patient to attend and they are all entirely free unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions, or you would like to hear other topics related to your journey, please contact us at (877) 324-4483. We’d love to hear from you!

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    No Partner Needed: Support Group for Single Women

    • Monday August 13 | 6-7pm | Register >
    • Monday September 17 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Susan Rizzato MSW, LCSW | Fertility Centers of Illinois

        Join our support group for single women trying to conceive without a partner. Share your experiences, hear from your peers, and ask questions.

    Managing PCOS with Acupuncture and Nutrition - Webinar

    • Thursday July 19 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Aligned Modern Health

        We will discuss how to manage PCOS with acupuncture and clinical nutrition to reduce complications and increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

    Monthly Infertility Support Group

    • Saturday July 21 | 10-11am | Register >
    • Saturday August 25 | 10-11am | Register >
      • Suzan Rizzato, LCSW | Fertility Centers of Illinois

        Our monthly infertility support group offers understanding and provides an informative place for you to discuss your experiences with others going through the same or similar issues.

    Two Week (Wait) Walk

    • Saturday July 21 | 10-11am | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Participate in a two-week wait 'safe' walk around Chicago followed by a Q&A about nutrition for fertility.

    Supporting IVF Journey through Acupuncture and TCM - Webinar

    • Monday July 30 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Aligned Modern Health

        Take a closer look at how acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can support fertility. Explore commonly asked questions about acupuncture during IVF treatment and review highlights from clinical studies on the implications of acupuncture and fertility.

    The Secrets to Yoga for Fertility: Solution or Stretch?

    • Saturday August 11 | 10-11:30am | Register >
    • Saturday August 18 | 10-11:30am | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Practice a sequence of yoga poses supporting your fertility journey; safe during any part of ART. All levels welcome. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a mat, and water.

    Fatigue, Stress, and Infertility: Acupuncture and Nutritional Support - Webinar

    • Monday August 13 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Aligned Modern Health

        Learn about the impact of stress and fatigue on infertility. You will also learn how to detect and recover while reducing the impacts of stress on the body through acupuncture and nutritional support.

    Essential Fertility Fitness Tips - Webinar

    • Wednesday August 29 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Learn about the link between fitness and fertility. Which exercise practices support optimal reproductive function and learn how to optimize your exercise regimen for fertility.

    Cocktails and Cryo: Chicago

    • Thursday August 30 | 6-9pm | Register >
      • Dr. Hirshfeld-Cytron and Dr. Alvarez

        Join our egg freezing seminar and Q&A at Luxbar. Learn about your options for delaying parenthood until the time is right for you.

    Points to Ponder: Demystifying Acupuncture

    • Saturday September 8 | 9:45-10:30am | Register >
    • Tuesday September 11 | 6-7pm | Register >
    • Wednesday September 12 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Pulling Down the Moon hosts a class to experience acupuncture while learning how this ancient practice can help fertility.

    Cocktails and Cryo: Evanston

    • Wednesday September 12 | 6-8pm | Register >
      • Dr. Hirshfeld-Cytron and Dr. Rodgers

        Join our egg freezing seminar and Q&A at Farmhouse Evanston. Learn about your options for delaying parenthood until the time is right for you.

    Lifestyle Hacks for PCOS - Webinar

    • Tuesday September 18 | 6-7pm | Register >
      • Pulling Down the Moon

        Discover foods, nutrients, supplements, and lifestyle choices to help manage PCOS.