Our Center for Fertility Preservation provides cutting edge technology and compassionate care to women interested in preserving their fertility for the future, whether Elective Preservation or OncoFertility Preservation.

Elective Fertility Preservation

As a modern day woman you can have it all, a career passion and a family.  Through our Fertility Preservation program at the Fertility Centers of Illinois, you can put your biological clock on hold until the time is right for you to have a baby.  To learn more about elective fertility preservation click here.

OncoFertility Preservation

The Physicians and staff at Fertility Centers of Illinois® are dedicated leaders in the field of reproduction. We understand the time constraints and emotional stress of patients facing cancer treatment, as well as the concern over the potential negative impact on future fertility. We offer expedited, compassionate care at a discounted rate for egg or embryo freezing prior to cancer treatment. For more information about our Fertility Preservation program for cancer patients call us at 877-324-4483 or for a patient consultation, schedule an appointment.