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Sneak Peek: What Happens Inside an Embryology Laboratory?

Embryology teams are the specialists who work with gametes, known as oocytes (eggs) and sperm. They fertilize eggs with sperm, culture and monitor fertilized eggs to different embryonic stages of development, select the best embryo for transfer, and freeze the remaining embryos at a very low temperature in liquid nitrogen for later use.

Tips on Applying for Research and Grants

Join us as Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron discusses important tips on how to successfully apply for grants and research studies.

The Steps We Are Taking for Your Safety

At Fertility Centers of Illinois, we are taking several steps to ensure your safety during each visit. Our team developed these steps in accordance with all CDC guidelines.

How Does Your Period Affect Your Fertility?

If you track your periods for a few months and find cause for concern, don’t hesitate to visit a medical professional for an evaluation. The sooner these problems are addressed, the faster you can achieve your family planning goals.

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