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How Environmental Toxin Exposures Impact Your Fertility

When it comes to boosting (or hindering) your fertility, there are a variety of little-known environmental exposures that can quietly harm the reproductive potential of women and men.

How Does Age Affect Male Fertility?

While women discuss whether to freeze their eggs while contemplating their biological clock, the conversation around the lasting power of male fertility receives far less attention. Female patients often ask this question when we meet, but is this an issue that men need to be concerned about too?

Important Changes at Fertility Centers of Illinois

We are posting with an update regarding recent changes at Fertility Centers of Illinois.

13 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fertility Center

We know that booking a first appointment is a big step in your fertility journey. It takes courage to pursue this first step, and if you’re new to the process, you may not know what to ask when interviewing and evaluating potential fertility centers. And, not all fertility centers are created equal.

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