We know that the definition of family can mean many things to many different people, which is why our experts are as open-minded as they are skilled. We understand that not all families look alike or are created by the same means, and we’ll provide care and support as you decide on a path that’s right for you.

Beginning Your Journey

You’ll start by coming in for an initial consultation and medical exam, which will help your physician assess your fertility. If you have any issues that could cause reproductive problems later, identifying and addressing them will help us better be able to guide you in detail through your options for starting a family.

Choosing a Sperm Donor

Do you want to use the sperm of someone you know, or select a donor from a sperm bank? Once your treatment plan is in place, it will be time to make that important decision. We can offer psychological support as you consider the right plan for you; many people also find it helpful to talk to a close friend or trusted family member, or to people who have been in these shoes before who can share their experiences.

If you decide to use the sperm of someone you know, you can either arrange an appointment for your known donor to come in to our center, or arrange to have frozen sperm shipped to us. We recommend that he undergo a complete medical screening so that you are aware of any genetic issues he may have. His sperm will then be collected, frozen, and quarantined until his health can be retested 180 days later. When considering using a known donor, it is wise to get legal counseling regarding the laws in your state so you can ensure your child’s best interests are protected.

If you decide to use a sperm donor, know that we work closely with accredited sperm banks. Most of these sperm banks will allow you to browse or search donors by characteristics such as height, ethnicity, education, eye color, or blood type. You may then purchase an in-depth profile. Note: Before you purchase sperm, be sure to find out what preparation you will need for the procedures in your treatment plan.