Beat Infertility Podcast Beat Infertility Podcast: Ask Dr. Rodgers

Dr. Allison Rodgers joins Beat Infertility to answer listener questions about all things fertility!

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“Dr. Jacobs is an excellent doctor and made us feel comfortable from the very first meeting. Our first meeting was on a Sunday, which proves how accessible he is. He encourages his patients to call or email with any questions and gets back to you the same day. I never felt like just another number. Dr. Jacobs is very personable and made this whole experience very positive. – Logan”

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“I went through the Glenview office with Dr. John Rapisarda and his staff. They were incredible the whole time I was there. They were very compassionate and understanding. Everyone there from the nurses, ultrasound techs, phlebotomists, egg retrieval staff and girls in the office were always nice and optimistic. The phlebotomist had a light touch which always made the early morning sticks so much more bearable. They were very encouraging throughout the whole cycle. I had a successful 1st round of IVF and was blessed with a healthy baby boy. I would highly recommend them to anyone.” – Regina

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“With Dr. Kaplan, I have my two children and will always be grateful for his knowledge and empathic professionalism.” – @lecoqbeaunay

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“I just got out my appointment with Dr. Uhler. WOW!!!! I was so was nervous to go in because I was reading all the previous reviews. Well, that was a waste of nervousness. Dr. Uhler and Patricia were amazing. The made me so comfortable and answered all my questions and listened to my personal story and struggle. She was so positive and set my plan that we were both comfortable with. I look forward to working with this office for as long as it takes. Thank you to them!!!” – Stephanie