Each week, 4.1 million nurses across the country work tirelessly to care for patients. During Nurses Week, Fertility Centers of Illinois is proud to honor an incredibly talented team of 64 registered nurses that go above and beyond for each and every patient.

The role of a fertility nurse is multifaceted and serves as the first and main point of contact throughout the journey to parenthood. During a daily routine, fertility nurses are responsible for communicating requests to the doctor, preparing treatment calendars, explaining medication, teaching how to self-administer shots, assisting with ultrasounds, discussing test results and offering daily instructions. Nurses committed to excellent patient care also patiently listen and offer reassurance, guidance, and most of all, hope.

“Our nurses are the best! They are compassionate, mature professionals who are devoted to taking the best care of each patient,” explains Dr. Meike Uhler. “They are kind, patient, and work hard to help each patient in their journey to building a family. It is my privilege and pleasure to work with each of the nurses at Fertility Centers of Illinois. Thank you!”

As a nurse, it is the little things that can mean so much and make a big difference. Whether that is going the extra step to ensure patients have what they need, taking a call on the weekend to answer a question, sitting with a patient to provide reassurance after sad news or cheering on a positive test result, fertility nurses go the extra mile support patients during their journey.

A special thanks to the Fertility Centers of Illinois nursing team for all that you do. To learn more about how fertility nurses contribute to patient care, view the articles below on the fertility blog at FCIOnline.com.

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