Creating awareness around reproductive health is of great interest to all of us at Fertility Centers of Illinois. We welcome the opportunity to communicate helpful, accurate information to a broad audience.  Our physicians are the go-to thought leaders in fertility and experienced commentators across all forms of media

The media resource center is a comprehensive online resource for the press. Here you’ll find the latest broadcast news and print news placements, blogs, inspiring patient stories and press releases. We can also provide fertility info, an infertility glossary, company facts, physician bios and industry information.

Fertility Centers of Illinois is one of the nation’s leading fertility treatment practices, providing advanced reproductive endocrinology services in the Chicago area for more than 30 years. Our team of 11 nationally and internationally recognized reproductive physicians treat thousands of patients each year and have earned a reputation for overcoming hard-to-solve fertility issues. Our medical team is an expert resource on the latest infertility research, studies, technology, techniques and information. We can accommodate time-sensitive interview deadlines, offer patient examples for a story, provide infertility information and more.

Story Ideas:

Fertility Centers of Illinois can provide interesting and timely story ideas, patient profiles to demonstrate a trend, informational and human interest ties to an awareness month/week and provide expert commentary to coincide with a breaking news story. We have worked with thousands of couples who have experienced a wide array of infertility treatment options, unique circumstances and compelling stories. Example story idea topics are listed below.

  • The latest in fertility technology and treatment advancement
  • Commentary and expert insight on the latest research findings and studies
  • Human interest pieces on infertility topics
  • Making fertility treatment affordable to everyone
  • Fertility preservation during cancer treatment
  • Genetic screening for birth defects
  • Increasing fertility through fitness and diet
  • Little-known tips to increase fertility and conception odds
  • Fertility myths & misconceptions
  • Options available for couples with unused embryos
  • Using egg donation, egg banking, surrogacy and sperm donation (third party
  • reproduction)
  • Embryo adoption and cryopreservation
  • Coping with infertility discussed by a clinical psychologist specializing in infertility
  • The prevalence and trend of multiples (twins)
  • Embryo transfer protocol (single versus multiple)
  • Holistic options to increase fertility
  • International IVF Tourism

Media Contact Information
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