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Our physicians are thought leaders in fertility and have appeared on CBS, FOX, WGN, Steve Harvey and Living Healthy Chicago. Watch these poignant interviews, covering hot topics in fertility.

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Physicians in the News

What’s it like to be a surrogate mom? How do you tell your family you want to freeze your eggs? If the media is asking, our physicians are providing their expert opinion. Dr. Allison Rodgers is a regular contributor on and Our team of doctors have appeared in CBS News, FOX News, U.S. News & World Report, Redbook, Fusion,,

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Find current and archived press releases from Fertility Centers of Illinois.
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Media Contact Information: Find out how to engage our physicians and clinical team in story ideas, or how to get the latest fertility facts and industry information.

Blog: 7 Ways to Boost Your Fertility
The following blog provides some suggestions on how to improve your overall well-being and boost your fertility to bring you one step closer to turning that negative to a positive.