The Physicians at Fertility Centers of Illinois are dedicated to advancing the field of Reproductive Medicine through active involvement in clinical research. We are pleased to share the latest information in our field of practice.

Please call (847) 916-6467, our Referring Physician Hotline, to assist in connecting you with an FCI physician or any other information you need.

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Throughout the year, Fertility Centers of Illinois has special events for professionals to learn more about the field of Reproductive Medicine. Join us for our series of Centers of Excellence Dinner Presentations, our Midwest Reproductive Symposium, and other events for physicians and their clinical staff.
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Our physicians stay up-to-date on the latest scientific technology in the field of reproductive medicine. They share information about current trends in treatment and diagnosis by leading discussions with their physician colleagues on our Physician Blog.
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Keep up-to-date on hot topics in reproductive medicine from fertility preservation to pregnancy loss and psychological perspectives on infertility.
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Research plays an integral role in the extraordinary care we are able to provide to our patients at Fertility Centers of Illinois. Learn about our ongoing research and please consider referring any eligible patients who may be helped by our current studies.
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Explore our extensive library of published book chapters, peer-reviewed journals and abstracts on fertility technology and treatment. Our physicians and clinical staff contribute regularly to leading reproductive medicine journals and publications.
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These articles highlight the latest thinking across a variety of topics including fertility diagnosis and treatment, and fertility preservation. You will also find information on important advancements in Reproductive Medicine.
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Our Centers of Excellence program enables our doctors to apply their clinical expertise and share their thought leadership with their staff and patients in key areas of fertility: Fertility Preservation, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Male Fertility, and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss.