At Fertility Centers of Illinois, we are proud to be the only private practice in Chicagoland to offer a Mini IVF cycle with INVOcell Intravaginal Culture System! INVOcell offers many benefits while achieving the equivalent safety and success of traditional IVF. With this innovative, new technology, we can offer an alternative to traditional IVF that has similar success rates and clinical outcomes along with additional psychological benefits, including allowing people with religious objections to IVF to feel comfortable with a more advanced reproductive treatment.

Mini IVF with INVOcell: The Newest Technology

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  • INVOcell promotes greater involvement with those undergoing treatment. By eliminating the external incubators and allowing the patient to carry their own gametes/embryos, patients can feel more closely involved with fertilization and early embryo development process.
  • We can provide a more natural, vaginal incubation than conventional IVF incubators. The INVOcell device is placed in the vaginal cavity with the eggs and sperm, allowing us to use the natural environment, pH, and gas  stability to aid in fertilization.
  • With low stimulation, less monitoring, and eliminating conventional embryology the cost is much lower than traditional IVF.  This means less medication, fewer clinic visits, and lower lab costs. This procedure offers a middle ground between intrauterine insemination (IUI) and traditional IVF.

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