We do everything that we can to help bring a baby into your life. Part of caring for your whole person includes offering you methods to help ease the financial strain of treatments and make fertility more affordable. We invite you to explore these trusted resources that can reduce the total amount that you pay for your treatments and medications.

Financing Your Fertility Treatment

Fertility Centers of Illinois offers several payment options through our partnerships with fertility financing specialists. We offer the most comprehensive options available with customized loan programs, refund plans, and even a pay out-of-pocket discount. All to meet your individual needs and help ease the financial stress of treatments.

LendingClub Patient Solutions | Fertility financing made easy

Flexible payment plans offered through LendingClub Patient Solutions can help make your fertility treatment more affordable. With the plans, you may finance your entire fertility treatment, including related medications, genetic testing and egg freezing services.

The plans offer:

  • One loan for your treatment and related services
  • Payment directly to your providers in 1 to 3 business days
  • Low monthly payments and fixed rates
  • No upfront payments

Calculating your potential monthly payment is easy. Simply complete a short application for an initial review of options with no impact to your credit score. For more information, visit lendingclub.com/fertility. © 2017 Lending Club Patient Solutions products and services provided through Springstone Financial, LLC, a subsidiary of LendingClub Corporation. Payment plans made by issuing bank partners.

Health Credit Services (HCS)

Health Credit Services (HCS) is our trusted financing partner for patients undergoing fertility treatment.

HCS employs much care and consideration when providing our patients with fertility treatment financing opportunities. They make moving forward with fertility treatment fast and simple
through affordable, accessible lending options.

HCS advantages include:
• 60-second pre-qualification with no credit impact
• Quick, straightforward and easy application process
• No application fees, down payments or pre-payment penalties
• Low monthly payments with extended terms
• Competitive, fixed-rate APRs (Annual Percentage Rates)
• Convenient online portal to manage your balance and make payments

Prequalify online today to receive an instant loan decision.

Have questions? Call HCS Support at 877.278.0919.

Please be aware that HCS loans can only be used for services performed within Fertility Centers of Illinois. 


CapexMD specializes in patient financing services for all fertility treatment options. Through our partnership with CapexMD, we are able to offer customized loan programs with highly
competitive rates that include a variety of loan types. Their simple loan process makes the experience of fertility financing relatively stress-free.

CapexMD loan programs cover all fertility treatment options — including fertility medications and genetic testing if necessary — so you can be sure that none of your expenses are left uncovered.
Our financial counselors will work closely with their Fertility Loan Specialists to ensure that your funds are secured on time and your treatment is not delayed.

Together, we can make sure financial issues do not get in the way of your dream of having a baby.

Some of CapexMD’s many advantages include:
• Specialist in Fertility Financing
• Competitive Rates
• Pre-Approval within 24 Hours
• Highest Confidentiality
• No Prepayment Penalties
• Personal Attention
• Easy and Secure Online Application
• Flexible Terms
• No Annual Fees
• Retain Your Existing Credit Sources

Apply online and receive your pre-approval within 24 hours. Learn more about CapexMD by visiting their site or by calling 1-888-497-8414.

Save 5 Percent When You Pay Out-of-Pocket

For those who don’t have much, or any, fertility coverage as part of their health insurance, we offer a discount of 5 percent off all treatments and procedures (except for lab tests and self-pay packages). Please contact us for more information regarding this discount program.

Fertility Preservation Before Treatment

Fertility Centers of Illinois wants to provide women faced with cancer with every opportunity available to preserve their fertility until their health is fully restored. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for discounted services and/or free medication.


Women who have been diagnosed with cancer often come to us to help preserve their fertility. We have partnered with the LIVESTRONG Fertility program, joining the nearly 400 centers across 48 states that offer discounted services to cancer patients. We offer a greatly discounted package for patients who qualify. LIVESTRONG also gives qualified applicants access to fertility medications donated by EMD Serono. Apply Here.

Heartbeat Fertility Preservation

Together with Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, we can provide women diagnosed with cancer-free medication donated by Ferring. There are no financial requirements and no paperwork to fill out. We’ll just submit the prescription and they’ll dispense the medication. To qualify, females need to be US Citizens (or permanent residents), have a diagnosis of cancer but not yet starting treatment, no recent chemotherapy treatment in the last six months, and have an oncologist and reproductive endocrinologist determine that fertility preservation treatment is medically appropriate.

If you want to know if you qualify, contact our Patient Services Team at 877-324-4483.

Save on Fertility Medication

To help address the costs of medications, Fertility Centers of Illinois has partnered with EMD Serono and Ferring Pharmaceuticals to help you by offering multiple medication discount programs. Regardless of whether you are an insured or a self-pay patient, the programs you may qualify for below will help you to overcome some of the financial hurdles that you may experience when finding the dollars needed to pay for your medication.

Discounts in Honor of Military Service

As the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) does not cover IVF treatment, veterans without commercial health insurance tend to face high costs. To help veterans and their eligible family members get access to the fertility treatments they need, we have partnered with EMD Serono to offer a 25 percent discount for patients who qualify. The Compassionate Corp Program provides free medication to eligible, uninsured veterans with service-related injuries and their spouses for up to two cycles per year. Those veterans who are not eligible are encouraged to apply for the Compassionate Care Program. To learn more, simply visit fertilitylifelines.com.

Self Pay Medication Discount Program

Through Fertility Centers of Illinois’ Self-Pay Medication Discount Program, self-pay patients can receive a combined discount of 25 percent off eligible EMD Serono medications from participating pharmacies. The Self-Pay Medication Discount Program is available to patients who do not have insurance benefits—or for those who waive their benefits due to high deductibles, poor coverage, or a lifetime financial cap.

Freedom Fertility Pharmacy | FreedomFertility.com
Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy | MyMandellsPharmacy.com
SMP | smppharmacy.com
Village Fertility Pharmacy | VillageFertilityPharmacy.com

Compassionate Care Program

Through our Compassionate Care Program, you can enjoy a discount of up to 75 percent off select EMD Serono medications, depending on your income, when paying out of pocket for fertility treatment. This can be especially helpful for those who have limited insurance benefits. By paying out of pocket for the medications through the Compassionate Care Program, you can preserve your insurance coverage to pay for actual procedures. To find out more, visit fertilitylifelines.com.

Save on Medications with the Go Direct to Savings Program

Another way to help with the high cost of medication is with the Go Direct To Savings discount program. This program can save you nearly 10 percent on Gonal-f®, Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe and Cetrotide® medication with every cycle. To learn more, fertilitylifelines.com.

ReUnite Assist Saves Money on Merck Medications for Cash-Paying Patients

For thousands of Americans suffering with infertility, one of the first steps before seeking treatment is figuring out how to pay for it. Unfortunately, it is estimated that over 50% of patients who seek treatment do not have any level of fertility medical or drug coverage. With ReUnite RX Assist, you pay low prices at participating pharmacies with no need for coupons or rebates. And ReUnite RX Assist offers income-based discounts for uninsured patients. For more information, visit the ReUnite RX website.

Save $100 Every Month on Endometrin (Progesterone) Vaginal Inserts

Ferring Pharmaceuticals has created the Endometrin Instant Savings Program to help eligible patients save on luteal support with Endometrin. Just take your Instant Savings Card to the pharmacy with your prescription to receive savings of up to $100 each month (minimum prescription of 21 inserts required). You can download the Instant Savings Card today.

Save $300 on the Follistim AQ Cartridge (for Follistim Pen)

Merck is offering eligible privately insured patients may follow these steps to save up to $300 off their out-of-pocket cost on up to 3 qualifying prescriptions for Follistim AQ Cartridge.

  1. To learn more or to request a coupon, visit follistim.com.
  2. Activate and print the coupon
  3. Present the activated coupon and your insurance card with a valid signed prescription at any participating eligible retail or mail-order pharmacy

We’re Available to Discuss Your Options!

We recognize that the financial aspect of fertility can be complex and challenging. Our financial counselors are here to help you understand costs, maximize your insurance, explore discounts and financing options and guide you every step of the way. Please contact us for assistance.