Former patient, Renee Cohen, wrote in her own words about her journey to motherhood with Fertility Centers of Illinois. She wanted to share her experiences so that they could help anyone who might be going through the same struggles, pain and worry. Read on to experience her journey through her eyes.

It was about seven years ago my husband, Kevin, and I decided to start trying for a baby. We thought,
like many couples we knew, it would be so easy to start our family.

One month turned into six months, then a year.  It was very upsetting and frustrating that we had still not gotten pregnant.  My OB-GYN would finally see us and begin all the preliminary testing.  We had no real answers as to why we weren’t getting pregnant.  We did a few rounds of clomid and IUI’s with no success.  After 6 months of treatment, we decided it was time to move on and we asked our doctor to refer us to a fertility clinic.  Thankfully, she referred us to FCI.

I was nervous, as I knew our next option was IVF.  I had done some research on my own and it was scary and overwhelming. All I thought of were all the shots and procedures I would go through and it scared me to death.  We had our first consultation with Dr. Jacobs at the Buffalo Grove office.  He has such a calming nature about him that I instantly felt at ease as he talked with us about our options and the whole IVF process.  We left there with renewed hope and faith.

The entire staff was amazing to us from the start, Dr. Jacobs, Pam and Carol, the nurses, Lisa, the ultrasound tech and Michelle, the phlebotomist (who was awesome at every blood draw and I have the worst veins!).  They always made me feel comfortable and answered any questions we had at any time, which was probably every day.  It was about 3 months of prep and then the actual IVF cycle before we were pregnant with our first son.  Dr. Jacobs and his staff were with you every step of the way, even giving you a call or email to see how you were doing if it was a day you weren’t in the office for labs or ultrasound.   I felt I always got answers when I needed them and support when I needed it.

Fast forward two years later, we were trying for baby #2 and after a few months, no luck.  I knew we were not going to put ourselves through the stress and heartache again. We decided to put a call in to Dr. Jacobs.  A downfall for me the second time around was comparing both IVF cycles, which were very different.  Even though we had been through it before, you still have questions, concerns, setbacks, etc.  Luckily, after about 3 months, we were pregnant with our second son.

My husband and I cannot say enough good things about FCI, Dr. Jacobs and his staff.  We had great experiences with them and would refer them to anyone who is struggling to start a family.  As a couple that dealt with infertility, we know it can be lonely and felt that at the time we had wished we knew other couples that had gone through the same thing.  Hopefully our story will help encourage another couple and give them hope.  Thank you Dr. Jacobs and FCI!

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