Former patient,  Michelle Doherty, wrote in her own words about her journey to motherhood with Fertility Centers of Illinois. She wanted to share her experiences so that they could help anyone who might be going through the same struggles, pain and worry. Read on to experience her journey through her eyes.

Infertility has affected every aspect of our lives. It has strengthened our relationship with each other,

grown our dependance and faith in God & shown us the amazing support system of family & friends in our lives.

Having children seems like something that should be so simple but for us it has been the hardest & most gut wrenching time of our lives. For us, it shook us to our core. It showed us who we really are and what is important in our lives. There were some devastating moments but for us those moments gave way to incredible joy and blessings.

We were lucky enough to have people in our lives that had also been down the road of infertility, their knowledge was invaluable and in both cases they recommended Fertility Centers of Illinois.

Do you remember any of the people who helped you along the way?
The people that come to mind for me are Roberta & Nancy from the Crystal Lake office. Let’s start with Nancy…she is the face of FCI for me! She always greeted me with a smile (and still does) and always has a kind word. She is such a gentle and caring spirit. Then there is Roberta. Where do I start? She has been a support system for me from the moment I met her. Shaun and I had 4 failed IUI cycles and a successful IVF which led to our beautiful son being born in May of 2012. I remember Roberta holding my hand the first time that we saw his precious little heartbeat. Our journey for our 2nd baby has been equally as difficult.

This last Fall we had 2 failed FET’s & in November we have a failed retrieval. After what seemed like a perfect cycle, I had no mature eggs at the retrieval. We were devastated. Roberta was my lifeline, I even messaged her on Facebook with concerns & she responded as a friend and supporter. I couldn’t love her more. Dr. Jacobs has also been a wonderful, wonderful doctor. Not one time in our entire journey have I felt like he didn’t care or like I was just a ‘case.’ In the world of infertility it is most definitely the people that help you through to the end. Without FCI, I wouldn’t have the most perfect, little boy!

My advice to those that are thinking about using FCI is to schedule a consult. Once you meet Dr. Jacobs or any of the doctors & staff at FCI, you will know it is the right choice. The journey through infertility isn’t one that you can or should tackle alone. I have never once in the 4 years that I have been a patient felt like I was alone. It is clear from the moment that you walk in the doors that there are people that really care about your struggle. Its sounds cliche & cheesy but I will never forget the people that have helped Shaun & I. We were blessed once before with a successful pregnancy & I know that they will stop at nothing to help us achieve our dream of a sibling for Evan!

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