Former patient, Katie O’Connor, wrote in her own words about her journey to motherhood with Fertility Centers of Illinois. She wanted to share her experiences so that they could help anyone who might be going through the same struggles, pain and worry. Read on to experience her journey through her eyes.

My journey through infertility started with my husband, Bill, and I deciding we wanted to start our family, get off the pill, and ring in 2009 with a normal annual exam at my OBGYN. I learned I had a non-existent period which lead to going through preliminary testing, trying several rounds of hormonal meds to help “jump start” my period. With nothing working, I got referred to an infertility specialist, going through WAY more testing, getting diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), to even more rounds of hormonal meds, (more than I can count) blood works and ultrasounds, and again nothing working.

Turning the corner in 2010, I finally I got my period started – after several failed IUI (the glamorous acronym for Intrauterine Insemination, previously known as Artificial Insemination) attempts, we had our firstIVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) attempt. This time around included more meds (you name it I was probably on it), shots (in my stomach and my behind), tons of monitoring appointments (blood work and ultrasound), periods of stress, sadness, pain, and general “why me?”.

We got introduced to Fertility Centers of Illinois by my OBGYN, Dr. Christina Bonner. She recommended Dr. Sipe, and we went with her referral.  We trusted her, and in turn, trusted anyone she was partnered with. Then finally in June 2010, with a feeling of overwhelming joy, we heard the words “you are pregnant”.

We remember Dr. Sipe the most when thinking about our time with FCI. His bedside manner was a perfect fit for my husband and I; the perfect blend of information, care, and humor.  I still remember how touched I was that he was the one that performed my retrieval surgery and the one to call me when I was pregnant.

Infertility was hard on us. We are Type A planners. We are used to when you work hard for something you can achieve it, and infertility is different, it doesn’t care how hard you work. It’s left up to science and nature (and a little help from your doctor!).

Fertility Centers of Illinois is knowledgeable and has a caring staff.  I always felt I was in the most capable AND caring hands when going through a monitoring appointment or procedure.

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