Feedback from Our Managers and Directors

Fertility Centers of Illinois’ leadership team recognizes its incredible employees. I personally thank you for your diligence and commitment to our patient’s best outcomes. We continue to make a difference in our patient’s journey through these commitments, your compassion, and collaboration. We celebrate your departmental successes, your consistent delivery of quality and most of all, your continued drive for practice improvements.

Many patients state that choosing FCI has been a wonderful experience, from initially getting to know our devoted staff to taking a baby home. You are our most important asset. We strive to attract, develop, and hire the best talent for our specialized segment of healthcare. We challenge our teams and provide them opportunities for professional growth, development and advancement. We continuously work to deepen trust between our employees, patients, and physicians. We promote open communication, set examples through our fair, honest, and consistent actions, and take responsibility for our actions, successes, and failures. Without trust and commitment, there would be no FCI.

We also see you treat one another with respect and communicate openly. The leadership will continue its work to foster strong, collaborative working relationships with our colleagues and the patients we serve. We sincerely thank you for your efforts to improve everything we offer in a service, your spirit of competitiveness and drive to be the best fertility practice in the state. Please enjoy this time we’ve dedicated to show our appreciation for you and your dedication.

Thank You

Marcus Williamson


Thank You to our terrific Business Development Team! FCI is so blessed to have such a talented team, devoted to the care of both our patients and referring physicians each and every day! As a group, they truly embody the T.E.A.M. spirit, (Together Everyone Achieves Miracles!) with a great sense of humor, mixed with fun, and a ready-to-pitch-in attitude. It’s my pleasure to work with all of you!

Beth Dziedzic


It is an absolute pleasure to work with every department in River North. Each employee is completely dedicated and brings something special to our patients. We love how they all look out for each other too! This is a truly wonderful group to come in and work with each day.

Sue Turner & JoRene Bigler-Vollman


Thank you to Insurance Verification for their dedication for pioneering new workflows and greatly improving the processing of their work!
Thank you to Precertification for their dedication to learning each other’s assignments so all are cross-trained in insurance.
Thank you to Collections for their dedication to staying positive when assisting patients with their bill.
Thank you to the Billers for their dedication to accelerating EOM processing and your willingness to work late to complete.
Thank you to the AP team for their dedication to learn new systems and stay positive during the implementation.
Thank you to Payment Posting for their dedication to always be ahead of their processing timelines.
Thank you to Chris More for your knowledge and willingness to help and wear so many hats.
Thank you to the CBO management team for all their knowledge, support, and flexibility; you have truly made a difference in my onboarding and feeling of acceptance here. Thank you to Maureen for always thinking ahead for me.
Thank you to the Senior Leadership team for all the support and time spent teaching me about FCI so I can measure to your level of contribution.
Thank you to the HR team for the time spent sourcing candidates and your search for ways to recognize employees.

Dawn Bien


I enjoy my job every day and have the opportunity to work with amazing employees that build families! Even though I am not clinical by trade, I do love to learn about clinical issues in the world of fertility. I am learning and growing every day. The spirit of Human Resources is to improve processes and support our employees – whether in learning/development, recruiting talent, looking at new HR tools or making HR processes more efficient, it’s an area where we are always looking at raising the bar. I work with others who share this spirit/vision and we laugh every day! To quote Sue J., – ‘There is nothing cooler than making babies!’

Meg Behnke

Feedback from Our Employees

I have had the pleasure of working for FCI for 18 years. I have grown in knowledge, compassion and the ability to train many staff members over the years. I have seen physicians come and go and watch our practice grow into what it is today!! I enjoy working with my team, we are all very excited and very captivated by what we do, watching couples become parents. The call center is an amazing place to work as we have first contact with the patients and are able to put them at ease. Our team has worked very hard and have exceeded our 1st quarter 2018 NPV goal!!!

Suzanne Fitzpatrick


It’s a privilege to work with a team of intelligent women who enjoy their job and each other. The sonographers at FCI are hard workers and take pride in a job that helps create a future of families.

Peggy Gernady


Why do you like working at FCI?

I will be here 15 years this year and have had the pleasure of working with many of the brightest people who all share the same common goal, patient satisfaction. This comes from all encounters within the company from the receptionist, or NPCC, to the clinical staff to the CBO. The interaction with each department of FCI is a true balance goal and I believe for the most part we do balance each other with the patient’s best interest in mind while working together the best ways possible.

Provide an example of your how your team exceeds the patient’s expectations – I know you do this every day!

Sometimes they “bend” the rules to work with the patient’s financial needs. Those peeps! 😁 They also reach out to other departments, clinics or vendors to make things simpler for the patient.

What do you love most about FCI employees?

The willingness to help each other, and with the personal interactions of their own lives; sharing new blessings, graduations, promotions or being supportive during the sad losses or tough times. It’s like having your own support Team.

Provide a recent example of team work.

The first example that came to my mind is the opportunity to help each other get through new systems like Next Gen or Felix together. Sharing shortcuts or discoveries in how to do something making each other’s job a bit easier. This has lasted the longest, so I will state this example.

Janet Rosales


Why do you like working at FCI?

I love working with FCI because I love what we do. Building families and making patients’ dreams come true is the most fulfilling work goal one can imagine. Many come to us in their lowest points and we make them the happiest they’ve ever been.

Provide an example of your how your team exceeds the patient’s expectations – I know you do this every day!

The empathy and dignity our teams show to patients who are not successful is astounding. Some deal with a tremendous loss but are encouraged by our team to keep moving forward.

Provide a recent example of team work.

I’m so proud of the BI and CBO teams working together to catch up on our monthly close process. We’re heads and shoulders above other clinics and it’s a testament to teamwork and dedication.

Nick Stretchbery


Why do you like working at FCI?

I love working at FCI because of the people I work with and the job I get to do!! Helping couples have families is a true honor.

Provide an example of your how your team exceeds the patient’s expectations – I know you do this every day!

My TEAM rocks. Period. End of discussion.

Marni/Jess at RN are so on top of every questions/concerns of patients. I have patients that went to other IVF centers comment on the level of personalized care they receive from Marni and Jess. They put in the extra work every single day and it shows.

I am new to HP but feel like I just joined the NY Yankees in the sense that this is an INCREDIBLE team. The way they help each other and the patient is seamless. The environment is so supportive and I can imagine truly lovely for our patients. In particular, I have had the privilege of working with Jen Brown, Myung, and Dawn and they are so focused on the patient experience. Each IVF patient has a one on one consult. It isn’t “required” but it is SO appreciated.

Lisette Garcia is so responsive to appointments and patient needs. Gloria Cervantes is a true member of my team. She keeps me in line and provides a true resource to patients. She allows us to keep track of all patients. Although I don’t work with Michelle Moore “officially” anymore, I will say and have said that she is single handily the BEST nurse I have ever worked with in my entire career.

Provide a recent example of team work.

I have had a run of oncofertility patients that need to start ASAP and Jess/Marni in RN and Myung/Jen Brown rose WITHOUT question to the occasion. Taking care of those that are suffering from cancer is such a special thing that we do and my team helps me do it well.

Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron


When hard times come to one location, the rest jump in to lend a hand even when they are going thru their own hard times.
“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

I appreciate my FCI family…Thank you

Gloria Aponte


It is very difficult to single out one individual or encounter to highlight what makes FCI great. I have been a part of this practice for MANY years and I have to say that we have never had a group of individuals who work so diligently to provide the best possible experience for our patients. I am very proud to be a part of FCI and I am grateful for each and every employee who work tirelessly to help those we care for to begin, or grow, their families. It is such an important role that we play in others lives and I thank you all for your efforts in making dreams happen for so many.

Dr. John Rapisarda


I have been working for FCI over 25 yrs. FCI is a second home to me. I love what I do. I always put myself in patient ‘s shoes and treat them how I would like to be treated with care and respect.

My job gives me more than a paycheck- a great satisfaction of self contentment of helping someone create a family. Together my team and I provide our physicians a tool- A precise measurement of hormones and sperm parameters in a timely manner which guides our team achieve a common goal PREGNANCY.

I work with some of most dedicated, loyal, Experienced , hard working employees. Without their help, I may not be able to achieve my goals. We truly believe in Teamwork. “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” My team is truly showing me this during my FMLA. Thank you team.

Happy National lab week!!

Sunanda Surati