Oocyte Donor Prescreen Requirements and FCI Appointments

The PRESCREEN annual requirements for donors are FCI policy and follow ASRM guidelines. The following work up is done at the donor’s initial appointment/evaluation at FCI. The donor must complete the following requirements in order to meet criteria for Egg Donation at FCI.

The following are arranged/completed at the agency level, prior to FCI obtaining donor match from agency:

  • MMPI (personality test)/ Psychological evaluation.
  • Normal Pap smear within one year (21-30 years old per ACOG).
  1. If ASCUS pap with HPV negative and clearance letter from Gyne MD = FCI donor acceptance.
  2. If ASCUS pap without HPV testing and/ or HPV results positive – donor not accepted.
  3. Any procedure – i.e. LEEP, colposcopy, cone – FCI requires a follow-up normal pap result post procedure prior to donor acceptance.
  4. If donor is 30 yrs or older and has had three consecutive normal annual pap smear results, then a pap is required every 2 years. Donor to be accepted at FCI.

The following are arranged/completed at the donor’s INITIAL FCI appt or annually:

Follicular Vaginal Ultrasound (to determine ovarian accessibility and antral follicular count/ ovarian reserve test). Ultrasound is completed prior to lab work.

  • Lab work: Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis B Core Antibody, Hepatitis C Antibody, CBC, Blood Type and RH Factor, Cystic Fibrosis, HIV I and II, VDRL, West Nile Virus (NAT). Additional genetic labs may be added, dependent upon the donor’s ethnicity. Lab work to be updated annually.
  • Gonorrhea and Chlamydia urine cultures: Annually.
  • Consultation with FCI physician and nurse coordinator: Annually.
  • FCI Consent Forms and Donor Medical History (done with every donation).
  • FDA Risk Factor Questionnaire/ physical exam with FCI physician: Completed with initial FCI screening appointment (every 6 months). Confirms the donor has not been involved in high-risk behaviors or environments, which expose the donor to specific viruses i.e. (West Nile virus, SARS etc.)

The donor will meet with the nurse coordinator PRIOR to start of first injectable medication:

  • Follicular ultrasound before starting medication to confirm no ovarian cysts that would interfere with IVF Stimulation.
  • FCI consent completion.
  • Consult with the nurse coordinator to confirm IVF treatment schedule.
  • Legal agreement/ agency agreements to be completed at this time.

Anonymous/Known Donor FDA Tests

(FDA tests to be drawn at donor’s FIRST IVF appointment) Required no more than 30 days before Egg Retrieval. The donor’s FDA lab results to be resulted normal before starting the second injectable medication. Please note: Insurance may not cover this mandatory testing. Fee $ 350.00 due prior to donor’s first IVF appointment.

  1. LAB WORK: Hepatitis B SAG, Hepatitis B Core Antibody, Hepatitis C Antibody, HIV I and II, VDRL. (FDA licensed and approved tests only: Labcorp, Life Source, or ALS laboratory dependent on “R” insurance).
  2. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Urine Cultures.