Fertility Preservation Before Cancer Treatment

 Egg or Embryo Freezing

The physicians and staff at Fertility Centers of Illinois are dedicated leaders in the field of reproduction. We understand the time constraints and emotional stress of patients facing cancer treatment, as well as the concern over the potential negative impact on future fertility. We offer expedited, compassionate care at a discounted rate for egg or embryo freezing prior to cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy and radiation can damage eggs and possibly render a woman infertile. Freezing a woman’s eggs (egg Vitrification), or embryos created with the sperm of her partner or an anonymous donor (embryo vitrification), allows her the chance to have a genetic child in the future. This can be accomplished if a woman has an adequate response to ovarian Stimulation drugs, leading to a successful Egg Retrieval and viable eggs or embryos to freeze.

Although the ability to freeze sperm and embryos has been available for decades, Oocyte (egg) freezing has been challenging due to the tendency of the egg to produce ice crystals during the freezing process.

Currently, vitrification offers the best solution to the problem. Vitrification is a simple procedure in which an oocyte or embryo is placed in a small volume of medium containing cryoprotectant and then cooled at an extremely rapid rate. The fast freezing eliminates the formation of ice crystals in the oocyte or embryo. The oocyte or embryo is then stored in liquid nitrogen until it is time to be thawed and transferred to the Uterus

Egg vitrification is new technology and is still considered experimental. Additional studies are needed, but early reports hold great promise. For this reason, if a woman has a male partner or is willing to use donor sperm, it is preferable to undergo embryo vitrification, as this process has been successfully used in human reproductive medicine for many years. However, there is no guarantee that, when thawed, eggs or embryos will be viable and able to produce a pregnancy that results in a healthy baby. 

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We look forward to helping you reach your family-building goals by providing safe, innovative medical treatment in an expedited and compassionate manner. 

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